Custom Caption Heading in TOC

I am working on the template, but the only problem is the appendix.I cannot get the caption of the figures to read as Appendix Figure A-1, etc.   It starts from the next figure, for example, if my last figure in the results was Figure 20, the appendix figure would start as Figure 21. Also, I could do it manually, but it comes as an error on printing.

You need to customize the cation label for the figures in your Appendix.  To do this:

  • Highlight the 1st figure and right click the mouse to select Caption.
  • In the Caption window, select New Label.
  • Type in the new caption label “Appendix Figure A”

Each captioned figure will automatically be numbered Appendix Figure A. 1, Appendix Figure A. 2, etc. The List of figures will reflect the new labels.

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