Should I assign a Creative Commons License to my Thesis?

Creative Commons (CC) Licenses enable you, the author, to specific the conditions of re-use others can make of your thesis, at the same time ensuring that you are credited for your work. They provide built-in copyright and last for the same duration as the copyright in the work. Attaching a CC license to your thesis is entirely optional.  When you submit your thesis to QSpace, Queen’s research repository, you can choose to ‘skip creative commons’.

If you do decide to attach one the recommended license is: Attribution license – CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License).   As is common academic practice, this license allows others to copy from your thesis and/or build on it (eg reference it in their works) but they must give you attribution as the author and copyright holder of the work. (See the link for the specific conditions of the license).

For more information including important considerations on attaching a creative commons license to your thesis as well as how to add information about your CC license of choice to your thesis document, see the School of Graduate Studies – Future Uses of Your Thesis by Others: Creative Commons Licenses.


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