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Expanding Horizons

Professional Development

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Showcasing Your Research

Having the opportunity to present your research to different audiences is a great way to practice your speaking skills as well as sell your research to other groups. Whether you do this via departmental seminars or the School of Graduate Studies 3 Minute Thesis competition, give it a go. Consider some of these options:

3 Minute Thesis

Grad Chat

Gradifying, a student run blog

Material Matters Interdisciplinary Discussion Group

New and returning graduate students are invited to join the Material Matters interdisciplinary discussion group. Material Matters meets every Tuesday from 1:30-2:30pm at Speaker’s Corner in Stauffer Library, during the fall and winter terms. Each meeting is kicked off with a 10-15 minute prepared talk, followed by an open discussion. This is the perfect venue to workshop your research, explore your theoretical framework, practice your presentation skills and have your thinking expanded by the work of your fellow graduate students from other departments.

To sign up to present, or for more details, please email Gurveer Bains at 13gb10@queensu.ca

COU Research Matters

The Council of Ontario Universities via the Ontario Council on University Research, has just launched the "Research Matters: campaign. This campaign is a joint effort among Ontario’s 21 publicly funded universities to tell new stories in new ways about research happening across this province. Through one unified voice speaking on behalf of Ontario university research, they hope to make the ideas, issues, opinions and stories generated on our campuses part of a broader conversation. Why not tell them about your own research?

Researcher Take Over Tuesdays

Research Matters is proud to introduce “Researcher takeover Tuesdays”. This is your opportunity to takeover the Research Matters Instagram account and share your research with Ontarians! If you are interested then connect with them over Twitter or Facebook. Or email yourontarioresearch@cou.on.ca to express your interest in Researcher Takeover Tuesdays.

And if you are going to take photos for this, why not send one in for our 175 Research Moments Photo Competition.

CBC Radio - Ideas from the Trenches

Having contacted the CBC to ask if they would like to interview any of our students for their radio show “Ideas from the Trenches”, one of their producers, Nicola Luksic has replied and provided the following information if you are interested. This is another opportunity for you to promote your research.

Dear PhD student,

We want to turn your PhD research into a 54-minute radio show on CBC Radio's ideas. It would be part of our regular feature on the program called "Ideas from the Trenches.”

If you're interested in participating, please send an email to nicola.luksic@cbc.ca. In a page or less, tell them a bit about yourself and what inspired your interest in your area of study. Describe the focus of your PhD and why it would appeal to a national audience, and outline a few of the key theorists, authors and concepts your PhD explores and challenges. We would like your submission by DATE. Successful candidates will be expected to participate in a background interview to explain to us more about your thesis, and then participate in three recording sessions for the documentary itself.

If you are interested in hearing a couple of episodes we've done so far, go to the Ideas from the Trenches webpage.

Thanks so much. We look forward to hearing from you.

Nicola Luksic
Ps: there is no deadline to reach out