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The Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) at Queen's University, an initiative of the Faculty of Arts and Science, offering enrichment courses during Reading Week and in the months of May and June for elementary, intermediate and secondary school students. These programs give gifted and highly motivated young people the opportunity to study a subject at an advanced level for up to one week on Queen's campus, and get a glimpse into the life of a post-secondary student.

Each year, the Enrichment Studies Unit hires around 40-50 instructors to prepare and teach our courses, usually through a Call for Proposals process which starts in October. We are particularly interested in graduate and professional students with teaching experience who can develop and lead a high quality program that would appeal to gifted and bright students in grades 6 to 12.

Call for Summer Sports Academy workshops for intermediate and secondary school students

The Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) is partnering with Queen’s Athletics & Recreation department on a new pilot summer program for students in middle school and high school. Being called the Summer Sports Academy, this new program combines academic learning with applied sports and activities. Students will spend half of each day in an academic workshop exploring a topic related to sports and physical activity, and then the remainder of the day learning and applying sports skills under the direction of varsity coaches and sports counsellors.

The Enrichment Studies Unit is making a call for proposals for 3-hour workshops as part of this new pilot program. We invite Graduate and Professional students to consider submitting a proposal to instruct a workshop as part of this new summer program. Please review the following for details and how to apply.

Proposal deadline: Wed, June 25, 2014

Confirmation of acceptance: Wed, July 16, 2014

Teaching dates: One to two 3-hour workshop(s) during the week of July 28 to August 1, 2014

Proposal details:
• One workshop of 3-hours length
• Designed for students of all abilities who are interested in learning
• Hands-on, relevant learning activities (versus lectures)
• Use unique and interesting Queen’s University spaces (e.g. labs)
• At this time, registration is ongoing, so please consider that the course can be modified to be for intermediate (grade 7-8), secondary (grade 9-11) or combined (grade 7-11) students
• Topics related to sports and physical activity, for example, kinesiology, biomechanics, psychology of sport, sports history, physical therapy, sports medicine…and more
• Class size will be between 10 to 20 students (registration is ongoing)
• If registration warrants it, we may ask if you can teach the course twice in a day (once in the morning for one age group, once in the afternoon for a different age group).
• You will be required to book any specific classroom or lab space (The ESU office may be able to assist with booking more generic classrooms)

• $37.88 per hour for 3 hours instruction plus 2 hours prep (total 5 hours), includes vacation pay
• Maximum of $40 per workshop for supplies and materials (must be approved by ESU before purchasing; copying will NOT be reimbursed as it will be done by ESU)

How to apply:
Please prepare a document (maximum 2 pages) containing the following information, and email it at your earliest convenience to Andy Mills, manager of ESU at andy.mills@queensu.ca
In your proposal document, please include the following, at a minimum:
1. Your name and contact information (phone & email), along with your department/ position (e.g. PhD student in Microbiology)
2. The discipline represented by your workshop (e.g. medicine, rehab therapy, biomechanics, biology, sport psychology, kinesiology …etc.)
3. A title for your workshop, if you have one (not necessary)
4. A brief description of your workshop (1-2 paragraphs or 5-10 bullet points). Include what your learning objective is, describe what the students will be doing, and include the site of the workshop (e.g. lecture hall, chemistry lab, etc.)
5. An estimate of what supplies or materials you will need (generic description at this time)
6. Any other relevant comments about your course

Please note the deadline for receipt of your proposal is Wednesday, June 25, 2014. Thank you for your time. Please share this with colleagues who you feel would be interested and appropriate.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Mills
Enrichment Studies Unit