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Management & Leadership Skills

What Management and Leadership Skills offers to Graduate Students

  • Encourages learning in self-management, and the management of other people, resources and time
  • Develops the skill set to develop goals and objectives as well as to plan and manage projects

Benefits of Management and Leadership Skills for Graduate Students

  • Employers value advanced degree graduates who have leadership skills and creative ideas, those who are able to set objectives and lead others to accomplish these objectives.
  • Discovering how to balance personal wellness and professional demands is central for an effective and satisfying career.

Workshop Categories & Descriptions

Self Management

Time Management: Avoiding Procrastination & Maintaining Motivation (Fall)

Host Presenters: Learning Strategies

This workshop will to help you to identify priorities, become motivated, avoid procrastination, and schedule time effectively. Learn practical tools and ideas to manage projects, meet deadlines, and achieve both long-term and short-term goals.

Time Management (Winter)

Host Presenters: Mitacs

If you ever wished the day was 36 hours long, this workshop is for you. Paradoxically, poor organizational habits are often created by the same technology that was designed to make us more effective – swamped with emails, meeting requests, and piles of paper makes getting ‘real’ work done even harder and increases stress levels and occurrences of burnout. This workshop will help tune your skills to manage your time and priorities not only for work but in your personal life too!

Ten Strategies for Degree Completion: Maintaining Momentum and Staying on Track (Fall)

Host Presenters: Faculty & SGS

This workshop will provide some pragmatic strategies on how to complete your degree in a timely way. Material from the SGS student survey on times to completion will be discussed.   Topics include: defining and following a timetable for completion, meeting program requirements, setting micro deadlines, communicating with your supervisor, getting feedback on your work, maintaining momentum, juggling professional, personal and academic demands.

Additional Resource - Planning your Doctorate:Schedule for Success

This valuable resource includes a yearly calendar put together by VITAE, a Cambridge, UK-based organization "championing the personal, professional and career development of doctoral researchers and research staff in higher education institutions and research institutes".

Reading fast and effectively (Fall)

Host Presenter: Caleigh Minshall, Learning Strategies

Attend this workshop to learn a variety of techniques and strategies that you can try to help make your mountain of readings more manageable. We will cover ways to prioritize your reading assignments and improve your comprehension, retention and/or speed – including some hands-on practice! Please bring a reading assignment or research article from one of your current courses or projects.

Presentation Slides 2016 (389KB)

Financial Values (Winter)

Host Presenter: Chaplain's Office - Kate Johnson

Money talks with the Chaplain:

“Financial Values” Chaplain Kate Johnson’s financial literacy workshop has 2 goals. First, it provides students with basic information about budgeting and financial stewardship. Second (but no less important), it encourages students to be very intentional about managing money in a way that speaks to their personal values and allows them to develop financial stability for the long-term.

Presentation Slides 2014 (3.75MB)

Managing Your Money (Fall)

Host Presenter: Matt Williams (Sunlife Financial)

Sunlife Financial offers a suite of financial workshops to assist anyone who needs guidance in money management.  We are piloting one of the workshops to ensure the content is what our graduate students and post-docs would find useful. The "Managing your money" workshop is about:

  • Getting organised with your money
  • The importance of budgeting
  • How to budget,
  • Pros and cons of credit cards
  • Managing your bank account
  • Housing costs
  • Money saving tips.

Other workshops in the suite we would be interested in are - Investment planning, Planning for a healthy financial future, Financial considerations for women, Living debt free, and Couples and money

Project Management

Foundations of Project Management I (Fall & Winter)

Host Presenters: Mitacs

Learn to plan and work with others to get things done! Experience firsthand the power of effective project management; from academia to industry to your personal life, these skills will help you succeed. At this two-day workshop, participants will learn to fine-tune your ability to organize and complete your work and research.

Foundations of Project Management II (Winter)

Host Presenters: Mitacs

Prerequisite: Foundations of Project Management I. This workshop focuses on implementation of the project plan and understanding of the status of a project, resource allocation and wrapping.

Essentials of Productive Teams (Winter)

Host Presenters: Mitacs

More than ever, in today’s world, organizational success depends on people working together - effectively. The pressure to communicate productively, quickly turn ideas into profitable action and consistently deliver results never decreases. People working from a clear understanding of personal strengths and an appreciation of the differences in others will be the foundation of success in the future.

This full day workshop is a fun, interactive, and productive way to not only focus a team on a common goal, but also inspire the very skills needed to be a part of a successful team. For some reason, most of us tend to think we work in isolation. In this high-energy experience, teams compete for points and prizes (optional). This challenge combines the aspects of risk versus reward forcing teams to make decisions that affect their ability to produce results with ease. This experience increases our awareness to the downstream impact of our communication and decisions, and the way those decisions get amplified by the structure of the organization. Get ready to test the strength of our lines of communication and teamwork.


Personality Theory & Communication (Winter)

Host Presenters: HR - Shannon Hill

No matter what work you do or what you study, your success is influenced by your personality. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most valued self-assessment tools in use today for understanding our behaviour in relation to others. Using the MBTI, you'll learn how one’s personality impacts on communication, negotiation, team performance and the capacity to positively influence others. Participants in this workshop will be given a MBTI to complete and submit one week beforehand.


Discovering the Entrepreneur Within (Fall)

Host Presenters: Mitacs

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Have you ever wondered how to even start a business plan? Have you ever wondered if science and business could really mix?

This full day workshop will introduce you to:

  • What makes an entrepreneur; different types of entrepreneurship
  • Managing your career
  • Science and business do mix
  • Pitching to an investor
  • Angel and Venture Investors
  • Start-up mentoring
  • Basics of a business plan
  • Evaluating business plans: Peer exercise
  • The ins and outs of seeking venture funding
  • Understanding the business process

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