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Adding Events

Logging in

Log in to the calendar admin interface and enter your Queen's Net ID along with the calendar password that was sent to you by the Events Calendar Manager.

[image of the administration login screen]

If you don't have a password, please contact the Events Calendar Manager to request calendar access.

With your request, please include the following information:

  • NET ID (your Queen's user name or "LDAP." Don't include your password):
  • RELATIONSHIP TO QUEEN'S (faculty, staff, student):

Error Messages: You will sometimes see an error message when logging in to the admin interface. When that happens, try refreshing your screen, selecting "OK" or "continue", then logging out and logging in again. If you aren't successful after a three attempts, contact the webmaster.

Sample (false) error messages:

[example of an error message] [example of an error message]

[example of an error message]

Main Menu

[image of the main administrator menu]

From the Main Menu, you can choose to either:

  • Add or Edit/Delete an event
  • Add or Edit/Delete a contact
  • Add or Edit/Delete a location

Adding Events

To add an event, click on the "Add" link adjacent to "Events" in the Main Menu, and complete the Event Information form that appears.

[image of the Mange Events page]
Click for larger image

If you do not fill in all the required fields, you will get an error message at the top of the page indicating what you have omitted.

[image of an error message]

Add an event once only

Please only add an event once in the entire calendar system. If campus groups are hosting the event jointly, please choose only one calendar to post the event on. If the same event were posted in more than one calendar layer, it would appear multiple times in the default view.

Event titles

Name your event assuming users will see it view it from the default view, not your own layer. Be brief but descriptive enough (e.g. enter "Drama Movie Night: The Sound of Music" rather than just "Movie"). Please use sentence or title case, not ALL CAPS.

Duration of an event

To indicate the duration of an event: select "All day event" OR choose start and end dates and times from the drop down menu OR select the "Duration" radio button for the end date, and indicate the number of weeks, days, hours, or minutes the event will take place. If you describe an event as lasting three days, the event will appear in the calendar for three consecutive days.

For recurring events that are not on consecutive days, enter the event once and "Add Event" at the bottom of the page, then select "Duplicate Event" at the bottom of the page, edit the date and time etc. as appropriate. and select "Add Event" again.

Description field

This field is limited to 1000 characters. As a general rule, leave time location and contact info out of the description fields.

If your event is only open to a certain group (e.g. students only or faculty only) be sure to indicate this.

URL field

If you are entering a URL, you must include the "http://" as part of the address for the link to be active in the final event listing (i.e. enter "http://www.queensu.ca" not just "www.queensu.ca").

Editing and Cancelling/Deleting Events

Editing an event

Click on the Edit/Delete link in the Main Menu and choose the appropriate event listing. You only have access to the events posted by you or others in your same admin group.

The bottom of your listing will now include an "Update Event" option and a "Delete Event" option.

Cancelling an event

If an event has been posted for any significant length of time but needs to be cancelled, please do not delete the event; instead, change the event status to "Cancelled" (the three possible selections are confirmed, tentative, and cancelled) and then select "Update Event" at the bottom of the page. The event will still appear in the calendar, but now with the word "Cancelled" in the title.

Deleting an event

Please only remove events that have been added very recently. Please do not delete events from the calendar after they have taken place.

Adding or Editing/Deleting Contacts and Locations

Contact and Location information for an event must be entered before the event can be posted. If you know that the contact/location info for the event you are about to post does not currently exist in the calendar, you can save yourself a few steps by entering the contact information before adding the event.

Add, edit, or delete locations or contacts through the Main Menu. You can only edit or delete contacts or locations that you or others in your admin group have added.

A "contact" can be either an individual or a group.

For locations on campus, include the full building name and room number in the first "Address field." Additional location information can be added in the "Subaddress" field line or in the Description field on the Event Information page. For events off campus, do include the full street address and a URL for the facility/online map.