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Information Technology Services (ITServices) and University Marketing have partnered to produce a free and supported web-based service for web content publishing at Queen's, called WebPublish. WebPublish version 1.0 was released July 11, 2007; 2.0 was released in 2013. 

With ITServices providing server, application and account holder support for WebPublish, and University Marketing providing Queen's-branded template design, web strategy, organizational and usability support for account holders, the Queen's community is now supported in its web communication like never before.

WebPublish is easy to use. Menu items in the text and image editor are similar to popular programs such as Microsoft Word. With some basic training, provided through ITServices, even those with little or no web experience can quickly learn to create and edit web pages.

WebPublish creates pages that are accessible to users of varying abilities and technical resources.

Web sites created using WebPublish are designed to reflect the Queen's brand, but also leave room for your department's or office's customized graphics.

As more members of the campus community become WebPublish account holders, both groups will work to refine and enhance the tool, developing new functions and features in consultation with those account holders.

Please note:

WebPublish is a content management tool that provides revision control, web site management, web publication update scheduling, a WYSIWYG editor, and publication workflow. WebPublish does not provide server side scripting (such as: PHP, ASP, CGI, etc.), form processing or database connectivity.

At this time, WebPublish accounts are not available for personal web spaces or for web sites that would otherwise not be hosted on ITServices main web servers.