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A WebPublish Community

One of the strengths of the WebPublish tool is the growing community of WebPublish users on campus that can share their publishing knowledge and experiences and drive the further development of the tool.

The main administrator for every WebPublish account is automatically added to -- and notified of system changes and updates through -- the WebPublish list-serve (WEBPUBLISH-2-L@lists.queensu.ca). Other WebPublish users can be added to the list-serve by sending a request to web.publish@queensu.ca.

WebPublish users are encouraged to provide input on desired functionality, features, and enhancements for the WebPublish tool.

Refinements to the system will be made on an ongoing basis to ensure the integrity of the system. The Web Publishing Services Team will prioritize, develop and add new functionality, features, and enhancements to the system as resources allow and according to scheduled release dates once they have been proven to work in the WebPublish environment and to be in compliance with ITServices procedures.