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Getting Started

Getting a Publication Account

Once you have attended a demonstration and/or read the Terms of Service information and decided to use WebPublish, you can submit a request to ITServices online to establish a publication account and to arrange for site administrator training.

For more information, go to Request an Account...

Learning to Use the Tool

Once your WebPublish account (or "publication") has been established, content-contributor training for those who will be involved in building and maintaining the site is available through ITServices.

Please go to ITServices Workshop Registration for a training schedule and to register.

Publication Graphics, Web Consulting, and Customized Development

Contact University Marketing to arrange for a generic banner for your publication (at no cost), or to arrange for customized graphics for your site (cost-recovery fee for service ~$225 + any photo royalty fees).

Web consulting services (with a focus on user-centred design and accessibility) are also available through Marketing and Communications, as well as custom development of WebPublish beyond the "generic publication" offerings (cost-recovery fee for service).

"Go Live" Notification

  • When your site is ready to be made live, you can make that request through the WebPublish Support Form.
  • Once you have submitted the form, Marketing will be notified and will book and conduct a site review. You wil receive a report outlining any changes required to be compliant with accessibility standards, as well other notes to consider that may improve the web experience for your users.
  • Once the site review is complete and you have made any required edits to your pages, ITServices requires a minimum of one week's notice in order to prepare your publication for full production.