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When should I apply for Permanent Residence and how do I maintain valid immigration status?

If you do not maintain your immigration status in Canada, Queens cannot pay you. If you do not apply for Permanent Resident status, have to renew your work permit and need an LMIA, the position you are holding will have to be re-advertised to search for qualified Canadians or Permanent Residents.  


Maintaining your immigration status in Canada is one of the conditions stated in your letter of appointment. An application for Permanent Residence will ensure that you maintain valid status. Queen's faculty member can usually submit an application after one year of working full time in Canada. Check "Which Immigration Class?" for details.  

You must keep Queen's Human Resources and your Faculty Office informed of changes in your immigration status at all times. You can stay in Canada if your work permit has expired, work, and be paid as long as you have submitted a request for a new work permit prior to the expiry date of the previous one. Citizenship and Immigration calls this "Implied Status".

Be sure to submit the application for P.R. well before the expiry of the work permit.  P.R. processing times vary in length from months to years depending on your country of origin and individual circumstances.

If you think you will not receive a decision regarding your P.R. application before your work permit expires it is important to take these steps at least 5 months before the expiry date: 

§  obtain a new LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment, formerly LMO). To initiate this process, contact Monica Stewart, Faculty Recruitment and Support Program.  If no P.R. application has been submitted Queen's will  be required to re-advertise the position prior to an LMIA being issued to ensure that no Canadian or Permanent Resident candidates have become available.

§  apply for renewal of  your work permit. IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TRAVEL: If your work permit expires while you are waiting for the renewal to be processed and you leave Canada, you may have difficulty re-entering. 

§  re-apply for OHIP health coverage and a new SIN numberonce you have received the new work permit

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