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Work Permit Renewal (Extend your stay in Canada)

When you signed your letter of appointment you agreed to apply for Permanent Resident (P.R.) status as soon as possible. The work permit you received through the Temporary Foreign Worker program gives TEMPORARY status only. Failure to apply for Permanent Resident status in a timely manner can result in the government directing the university to re-advertise the position.

If lengthy P.R. processing times make it necessary to renew your work permit please take these steps:

  • At least 6 months prior to the permit expiry check CIC's Processing Times under the heading "Applications Submitted Inside Canada/Work Permit/Same Employer". Sudden spikes in processing times often occur in summer.
  • If you obtained your initial work permit with an HRDC confirmation letter (LMO) read about how to get a new LMO at Queen's
  • Review application forms and guides for extending your stay in Canada on the CIC web site. CIC advises that the electronic application process is usually faster.
  • Renew your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) number.
  • Once you have your new work permit, renew your Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Keep Queen's Human Resources, your department and faculty office informed of your status at all times so your salary can continue to be processed. Read about documents you can use to prove your continued status.

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