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Once you have completed the form and assembled the documents required for processing the form, please forward it to your portal representative, password protected.

Starting October 26, 2015, Form IMM 5802 Offer of Employment to a Foreign National Exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment, will no longer be accepted. IRCC has introduced a new electronic system, the Employer Portal. With the introduction of the Portal, units will no longer be able to submit information and make payments directly to IRCC.  Units who require this process must contact their employer portal representative at Queen's. For Arts & Science, Applied Science and Health Sciences, please contact your faculty office for the name of the employer portal representative. For all other units, please contact the Faculty Recruitment and Support Program.

  • A $230 Employer Compliance Fee is levied for most LMIA-exempt foreign workers. The fee is payable online and must be submitted by the employer as part of an application through the Portal before the foreign worker can make a work permit application. The fee is also payable for work permit renewal applications by LMIA exempt workers. You will need to arrange for credit card information (departmental credit card, no personal credit cards) to be transmitted securely to the portal representative to pay the fee.
  • Information from the completed form (see link above) will be filed electronically with IRCC via the Employer Portal. This will result in an ID number which you must provide to your LMIA exempt worker or visitor so they can complete the work permit application.

Further Information

Affected Immigration Categories

Affected are the following types of academic foreign workers who are exempt from the requirement of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA):

Even though language in the IRCC procedures reference “Employers” and “Employees”, visiting academics who have no employment status and are not paid by Queen's are also affected by the new rules.

All renewals of permits under the above categories are also affected.

Steps in the Process

  1. Collect the information on the PDF form above. You must fill in all fields. The form cannot be uploaded if information is missing. 

  2. Forward the form and required documentation (password protected) to your Employer Portal representative at Queen's.
  3. Make arrangements to pay the $230 fee (corporate credit card only).

  4. The Employer Portal will generate a unique ID number - send this to the foreign national to be inserted into their work permit application.