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Indigenous-focused Courses

Here is the list of courses with indigenous content. Please note that not all of the courses below are offered every year. Please check with an appropriate Department for current course offerings or in SOLUS.

Course code  Title Description
BIOL 319 Introduction to Ethnobotany Ethnobotany is the study of culture arising from the relationship between indigenous peoples and local flora. The discipline of ethnobotany will be introduced and case studies used to examine the ways in which challenges such as climate change, deforestation, cultural assimilation and pressure to discover new medicines are changing global communities.
DEVS 100 Canada and the "Third World" Introduces basic theoretical concepts of development studies, the history of global inequality, and short histories of alternative development strategies. Case studies of Canada’s ties to the so-called third world will include missionaries, military, business, and aid. Canadian colonialism over First Nations peoples will introduce basic issues in Aboriginal Studies.
DEVS 220 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies An introduction to Aboriginal world view and culture organized on an historical basis, from Creation to 1969, emphasizing Aboriginal culture and experience in Canada. Aboriginal perspectives will be introduced through traditional teaching methods and contributions from elders and other community members.
DEVS 221 Topics in Aboriginal Studies Re-evaluation of conventional knowledge based on aboriginal world view and culture and the introduction of a decolonized perspective on contemporary issues. Guest speakers will provide detailed examinations of specific topics such as current issues in Aboriginal spirituality, art, education and politics
ENGL 480 Studies in Indigenous Literatures For detailed information, consult the  English Department
GNDS 212 Racism, Colonialism and Resistance Decades after the formal decolonization of former colonies, the power relations of the colonial world - and the racism it engendered - remain deeply embedded in the West, and are intrinsic to contemporary relations of globalization. This course explores European colonialism; historical and social constructions of ‘race’; the ongoing occupation of Indigenous peoples’ territories; and contemporary racism.
GNDS 340 Indigenous Women, Feminism and Resistance Examines scholarship, creative works, and activism by Indigenous women as a basis for introducing Indigenous feminist thought. Cases examine the many ways that Indigenous women and LGBTQ/Two-Spirit people participate in Indigenous nations, experience and resist settler colonialism, and work for Indigenous decolonization.
GNDS 375 Queer/Race Studies This course explores current theory in queer studies by centrally examining the interdependence of race, sexuality, and gender. The course foregrounds the critical insights that follow sustained study of race in queer studies, and of queer matters in critical race, Indigenous, global, and diaspora studies
GNDS 432 Indigenous Politics: Gender, Nation and Sovereignty Examines critical theories and case studies of politics and governance in Indigenous and settler societies, based in Indigenous feminist thought. Cases examine the relation between nationality, gender, and sexuality within colonial relations of rule, methods of Indigenous governance, Indigenous sovereignty struggles, and theories and practices of decolonization.
GPHY 351/3.0 Aboriginal Geographies of Canada An overview of selected elements of the geographies of Aboriginal peoples in Canada with a focus on the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and their environments, urbanization and culture change, and colonialism.
HIST 455 Heresy, Holiness and Idolatry in the Iberian Atlantic An exploration of the Spanish and Latin American Inquisitions and the Extirpation of Idolatries campaigns against indigenous peoples between 1492 and 1700. Themes include understanding Catholic orthodoxy, and how the practices of healing, prayer, witchcraft, and mysticism served as cultural unifiers and as markers of gender and ethnic differences
HIST 461 Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, 1492 to the Present Examines the history of race relations in Latin America from European contact to the present. Topics include indigenous resistance and adaptation to conquest, African slavery and emancipation, debates about assimilation versus cultural survival, and whether Latin America provides a unique model of race relations.
HLTH 101/ Social Determinants of Health This course provides an introduction to the study of health and illness, and explores the social determinants of health, which are the factors that affect the chances people have to lead healthy lives. Topics to be discussed include: what is health?; population and public health; specific social determinants such as income and housing; health among Aboriginal people; globalization; and HIV/AIDS in Africa
INTS 307 Intercultural Relations An examination of individual and group relations within and between culturally diverse societies. Topics include: relations among indigenous, immigrant and ethnocultural communities; acculturation and identity strategies; the role of prejudice, discrimination, dominance, emotions and values; intercultural communications and training; and modes of mutual accommodation (pluralism, internationalism and globalism).
LLCU 101
Inuktitut I An overview of the history and culture of the Inuit with particular emphasis on their language, Inuktitut, both written and spoken
LLCU 101
Mohawk I An introduction to the study of the language and culture of the Kanien’kehaka. Participants will be provided an opportunity to not only learn some basic Mohawk language but will also gain an understanding of the richness of the Mohawk culture.
LLCU 102
Mohawk II Continuation of Mohawk I
POLS 320 First Nations Politics An examination of First Nations politics in a Canadian context, including aboriginal self-government.

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