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Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre
Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Academic Services

FDASC Resources Library:  Searches can be done by keywords or by author, title, subject, etc.

Aboriginal Teacher Education Resources Library: The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) in the Faculty of Education is proud to offer an extensive collection of Aboriginal education resources and general Aboriginal resources. ATEP lends these resources to students, staff and faculty. This collection includes books, tapes, VHS videos, DVDs and CDs.

Academic-related Financial Support 

FDASC Academic Travel Bursary:  The Student Assistance Fund exists to support and enhance the Aboriginal student experience at Queen's University. The Fund seeks to assist students and fund projects that provide educational opportunities such as, but not limited to, participation in: Competitions, Symposiums, Conferences, Festivals. The approval of funding will be contingent on the availability of funds and the total amount of requests received throughout the year.

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