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Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre
Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

18th Annual Symposium on Indigenous Knowledge: Responses to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Robert Sutherland Hall Rm.202 Queen’s University

November 11 & 12, 2016

Keynote Address: Dr. Mark Dockstator, President of First Nations University

The annual indigenous Symposium is organized by students and staff of Queen’s University who believe indigenous Knowledge and scholarship have an essential role in the ‘Halls of Higher Learning’, and that First Nations,Inuit & Metis peoples have a right to share in this.

Indigenous Research promotes friendship and familiarity among participants, and facilitates the expansion of understanding, creating a welcoming environment for the growing community of indigenous scholars.

The symposium will be conducted with respect for traditional Indigenous protocols; Indigenous community members and Elders will be in attendance as participants and stakeholders, and presentations will be in the form of a talking circle. The sessions are moderated with the use of a talking stick and given guidance by Elders. 




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