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The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts launched its 2017-18 season, with a mix of new and returning series.

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October 4 - 27 

N I K K I   R O S A T O
4 -27 October
ART FOR ARTS' SAKE First Saturday Gallery Opening
7 October ::: 6-9PM
JFG proudly presents Object, the third solo exhibition of Washington D.C.-based artist Nikki Rosato. This exhibition will showcase not only the artist’s characteristic, hand cut road map sculptures, but also, new paintings that are derived and created from these map works.
The artist says of the inspiration in her latest work . . . Moving to Washington, DC in 2016 changed me. The unraveling of this country's leadership elicited a strong, visceral reaction, and I spent the last year coming into consciousness. The work in this exhibition is a small act and the beginning of my journey to find my voice. Navigating through life as a woman, I have faced a myriad of challenges—most of which I had accepted as the norm and was never courageous enough to protest. I have been harassed on the street by strangers. I have seen my hardworking friends with children openly and honestly struggle to find the necessary support for both work and life balance. I have faced constant judgment for being childless and unmarried in my 30s. I encountered income inequality in the workplace. While these may seem like mild and ordinary obstacles, they are systemic problems. It is easy to feel helpless and wonder what one individual can do. After being silent for a lifetime, I now challenge myself to have a voice. Each small voice builds the resistance and strengthens the sound.




L A U R A   T A N N E R   G R A H A M
Campaign Julienne
4 -27 October
ART FOR ARTS' SAKE First Saturday Gallery Opening
7 October ::: 6-9PM
JFG is pleased to present Campaign Julienne, the debut solo exhibition of Tucson-based artist Laura Tanner Graham.  Known for her meticulous drawings on hand cut mylar, Graham will unveil a series of new work with underlying socio-political commentaries. 
Graham discusses her newest pieces . . . This body of work began with the start of the presidential primaries.  The months before and after the election managed to uncover many unresolved battles of America’s complicated history – contentious race relations, sexism, nativism, and an ever-growing wage gap. The drawings in this exhibition record the inconsistencies of a society that simultaneously proclaims itself to be “post-racial” and “post-gender” while identifying with a “pull-yourself-up-by-the-boot-straps” mentality.  I collage historical publicized images - advertisements, campaign posters, newspaper photographs and printed textiles - that parallel our current political and social climates into a singular narrative composition to document the cyclical and systemic nature of marginalization in America.  The drawings capitalize on America’s propensity for nostalgia and decorum, luring the viewer into facing these inequities through the detached lens of that which has already happened. 

October 19

Born in Frames Film Series, Screening #2

"High Tension" (2003, dir Alexandre Aja) 

7:30 PM, IBCPA Film Screening Room, Rm 222

FREE Admission

October 23

The Last Breath, at the Heart of the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal

Rosemarie St. Amand has worked with Annabel Loyola to direct and co-produce a documentary film about the final days of the 375 years old hospital Hôtel-Dieu the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph, also present in Kingston, administrated for three hundred years in Montreal. It's our common history. 

Annabel Loyola will be in Kingston on Monday Oct 23 to attend the screenings with one Religious Hospitaller of Saint Joseph from Kingston. 

5:45 PM & 8:15 PM, The Screening Room 

Rosemarie St-Amand

Cell: 438 871 7658 



Annabel Loyola


Tel: + 1.514.529.8454

Cell: +1.514.707.8454


November number two

Rountine Nihilisms

Routine Nihilisms

8 recent films by Gary Kibbins

7:00 PM Agnes Etherington Art Centre

FREE Admission

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Student Submissions - Images Festival 2018

Entry Fee is waived for students

Guidelines and Applications: http://www.imagesfestival.com/submissions.php

Student Submissions can be made here: https://form.zonefestival.com/?k=tif_f3

Website: http://www.imagesfestival.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/imagesfestival/

Catalogue of Last Years Calendar: https://issuu.com/imagesfestival/docs/if2017_catalogue_high_resoution_fa

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November 9

Born in Frames Film Series, Screening #3

Experimental Short Collection

7:30 PM, IBCPA Film Screening Room, Rm 222

FREE Admission

December 7

Born in Frames Film Series, Screening #4

"Bound" (1996, dirs Wachowski Sisters)

7:30 PM, IBCPA Film Screening Room, Rm 222

FREE Admission

March 1 to 4

Festival Details and Events TBA


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