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Processing Courier Charges

Courier charges have always been a challenging process to code correctly, and efforts continue within Financial Services and Strategic Procurement Services to streamline the process and educate users on how best to enter and/or process courier charges.  FedEx and UPS have been excellent at responding to and trying to support our decentralized environment and provide suggestions on how to make the overall administrative process more efficient.
We continue to encounter situations where incomplete or incorrect coding is entered on the waybills.  Inaccurate or incomplete coding generally results in operating accounts being charged.

Purolator will no longer offer preferred pricing and the company’s rates have risen considerably.

If you have questions about your parcel, you can look up the tracking numbers on the courier websites, or call their 1-800 numbers if you require more information. You must Contact Ruth Lappan to be set up to ship online with the Couriers. Please also ask Ruth about using the courier envelopes because it could be more cost effective.                           Tel.: 1.800.GoFedEx   (1.800.463.3339)
Learn how to ship online through the Interactive Help Guide
FedEx One Call Representative: Denis Desouza-Phone: 800 463 3339> hit#> enter 153166757             Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)         
UPS Internet Shipping offers shipping in one step and guides you through every stage of the shipping process--online.
UPS One Call Representative: Dial 877-376-6109, PIN# 3103

How can you help?

If you are shipping a courier package, ensure the proper coding is put in the reference, and keep a copy of the slips. Courier charges should be reviewed on a monthly basis as part of your statement of operations review, if your administrator reconciles your accounts, please provide them with a copy of the slip. Further information on how to code your transactions is presented below.  Have the vendor indicate the coding in the reference field if they are shipping something to you.  Only electronic waybills are to be used (except for unusual circumstance like dry ice).

Examples of Coding

Fund - Required field
Department -Required field
Account - Required field
Program - If no program, enter 0
Class - If no class, enter 0
Project - Required field in Capital or Research Funds (Funds that begin with 3 or 4), if no project enter 0
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