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Queen's University

Disposal of Scrap/Surplus Movable University Assets


This procedure applies to all University employees.


Included in moveable assets are materials, furniture and equipment Items surplus to one department may be useful to another University department or may be saleable outside the University.


  1. Strategic Procurement Services is responsible for the sale or disposal of surplus/scrap moveable University assets.
  2. All moveable assets are University property unless otherwise clearly delineated by the granting agency.
  3. The authorization of the Department Head is required on all requests for the disposal of any University moveable assets assigned to a particular department or an individual within the department.

    Disposal of equipment that is jointly owned by 2 or more departments requires the approval of the head of each department involved.


  1. Prepare an internal memorandum with the following information:

    • Quantity
    • Description (make, model, manufacturer, size, type, part number, serial number, application).
    • Inventory number(s), if available
    • Location and contact person.

    Note: This may be done by email or FAX, provided it is clear that the department head(s) have granted approval.

  2. Forward the memorandum requesting the asset sale/disposal, signed by the department head, to the DIrector of Strategic Procurement Services.

  3. Purchasing Services will arrange for the transfer of any item which is useful to another department.

  4. If there is no requirement within the University, Purchasing Services will arrange for the external sale or disposal of the item.

  5. Should a department wish to salvage useful components from surplus equipment, such components are to be removed before the request for asset disposal is submitted to Purchasing Services.

  6. Revenue obtained from the transfer or sale of a surplus item is credited to the department requesting the disposal, normally to the account from which the original purchase was made.

  7. Costs incurred in the disposal of a scrap item, such as obsolete heavy equipment, are charged to the department requesting the disposal.

  8. Surplus furniture is not advertised for sale, but is removed from the department at no cost and stored in the Surplus Furniture Warehouse until needed by a University department. This process is managed by the Solid Waste Management Department, and all communications relating to surplus furniture should be directed to this department.

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