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Queen's University

Employee Reimbursements & Subject Payments

Reimbursement to Individuals - ERS

To create an Employee Reimbursement Expense Report in the ERS (reimbursement for items purchased on behalf of the department or faculty), follow the same instructions as for a Travel Expense Report in the ERS – Expense Reports, How to Create

Reimbursements to Individuals - Paper Process

Reimbursements to individuals for out of pocket non-travel expenses may be paid providing original receipts accompany a fully completed cheque requisition.

The following are not acceptable as receipts:

  • invoices which do not indicate payment has been made
  • cancelled cheques
  • credit card statements
  • credit card slips (except gas reimbursement for rental car)

All employee reimbursements must be approved by the individuals immediate supervisor (referred to as "one over one" approval ie: Deans must approve Department Head reimbursements).

Subject Payments - ERS

To be reimbursed for payments to research-related subjects (individuals that are paid to participate in research) create an Expense Report in the ERS and follow the same instructions for a Travel Expense Report that includes a cash advance in the ERS – Expense Reports, How to Create

Subject Payments - Paper Process

Subject payments to individuals who may have been subjects for experiments or research interviews, etc. do not require receipts.

The requisition must indicate "subject payment" as a description.

If you have questions regarding a specific miscellaneous payment, please contact the Financial Services Support Centre.

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