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Queen's University

Travel Expense Claim Tips 

To ensure your travel expense claim reimbursement is not delayed

General Travel Expense Claim Tips

  • Always use the most recent version of the Travel Expense claim form (available on the Financial Services website, Forms tab) – the form will have the most recent mileage amounts and tax calculations.
  • Staple receipts to the back of the claim form (receipts can easily be separated from the form and lost in transit).
  • If you send a copy of the original travel expense claim to Financial Services clearly mark it “COPY” with an explanation of why you are sending it.
  • Keep a copy of everything sent to Financial Services (occasionally claims and/or receipts are lost in transit).
  • Include a copy of the “Travel Award” and/or “Travel Advance” paperwork with the claim (see the information, Sample Expense Claims for Travel Expense claims with Travel Awards and Travel Advances).
  • If you are hand-writing the forminstead of using it online some sections will not appear (e.g. the Traveller/Acct Affiliation section where the claimant indicates their relationship to the Principal Investigator on a research project).  Please make sure to include this information if you are entering a research project number in the Account Information section.
  • If the claim being submitted is for an American Visitor, and you are using the form online, only the receipts from Canada need to be converted to US dollars – the online version of the form understands that the claim will be in US dollars once the check box beside “Expenses for American visitor” is checked.

Payee Information

  • Make sure to fill in the claimant’s (full) Name sectionand the Employee/Student ID (if applicable) section.

Travel Location, Nature of Travel /Hospitality Expense, and Receipt Information

  • Indicate in the Travel Location section of the claim form where the travel took place (e.g. Toronto, Paris, etc.) and when (Start Date and End Date).
  • Nature of Travel is the same as the reason for travel.
  • If the travel claim includes hospitality expenses (e.g. a business meeting at a restaurant) make sure to include the name(s) and business relationship of the attendee(s).

Expense Information

  • Do not include the provincial sales tax (PST) in the tax column on the claim form (e.g. for Quebec receipts only the 5% GST/TPS should be showing in the tax column, “HST/GST” on the claim form).  This column is meant to capture only the taxes for which Queen’s University receives a rebate.
  • Do not add HST to meals, mileage or other expenses that were consumed, took place, or purchased outside of Canada.


  • Do not include both mileage and gasoline receipts for a trip - claim mileage only if using your personal vehicle; gas receipts only for rental vehicles.
  • Always submit a detailed restaurant and/or hotel receipt with the claim (not just a credit card or debit card receipt).
  • When printing an online booking for hotel or airfare, make sure to print an itemized receipt - with the breakdown of taxes and fees (there is a button to click on when you confirm your online booking that will give you this information).  
  • Travel expense claims for travel to conferencesmust include a copy of the conference itinerary.
  • If your claim is funded by a research project, ensure only eligible expenses are claimed.

Account Information (also known as Chartfields)

  • Make sure to fill in Fund, Department, and Account numbers (also Program, Class and Project numbers if applicable).
  • Account Information (departments, accounts, etc.) can be found on the Financial Services Website, Support/Training, Accounts.
  • All Funds that start with a ‘3’ must have a corresponding Project number also starting with a ‘3’.

Travel Advances

  • Reference the original amount of the travel advance on the travel expense claim form if the amount of the advance being claimed is less than the original amount of the advance (example: original amount of the advance is $10,000 to be used for several trips and the travel expense claim is stating an advance amount of $1,200 – please write a note on the claim that the $1,200 is to be applied to the $10,000 advance).
  • Do not complete a Deposit Transmittal form when returning the unspent portion of a travel advance.  Attach a personal cheque (payable to Queen’s University) to the front of the Travel Expense claim.

Signature Section

  • All claims should be signed by the person who prepared the claim (Prepared by section) and by a person “one-up” from the claimant (Manager Approval section).
  • If the person signing in the Manager Approval section does not have signing authority for the account/research project, an authorized signer must sign in the Department/Research Project/Fund signing authority section.

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