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Configuring Browser Settings

In order to use the PeopleSoft applications, your web browser must be configured to allow certain settings related to popups, security and clearing your cache.

Popup Settings

To use the PeopleSoft application, end users must turn off popup blocking for the PeopleSoft site.

Security Settings

In order to access all of the functionality in the PeopleSoft system, certain browser security settings must be in place to:

  • enable downloads of PeopleSoft grids to Microsoft Excel;
  • enable scripted windows; and
  • enable XLS file extension associations to access reports in Microsoft Excel format.

Clearing Your Cache

There may be occasions when you are required to clear your browser's cache. For example, if your security roles change, you may need to clear your cache to view your new role privileges.

Browser Compatibility

If you are having graphical issues with your browser please be aware that there are some known issues with certain browsers. The chart below outlines browsers and versions that are certified to work with PeopleSoft:


(1) Rapid release (RR) version.
(2) Chrome for Android 4.4x is supported for Android mobile devices only.
(3) Extend support release (ESR) version.
(4) This version of Safari is supported on OS X only.
(5) This version of Safari is supported on both OS X and iOS.
(6) Supported release (SR). While this browser version was not supported at PeopleTools 8.53 GA, it is supported at the point in time that it is the manufacturer’s current release.
(7) Certified with PeopleTools 8.53.11 or later.

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility Settings (52 KB)

For more details, download the full Browser Compatibility Guide below.

Browser Compatibility Guide (192 KB)

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