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Queen's University


Millennium’s Fast Administrative Support Tool (FAST)

 Report Name Report Description
Statement of Ops Non Research Report An account level summary of opening expendable balance, current month actuals, year to date actuals, commitments (encumbrances), budget and closing expendable balance with or without commitments (encumbrances) for the criteria selected.
Trust and Endowment Report

A report for trust and endowment funds tracking opening and closing balances for expendable equity, non-expendable equity and endowment units as well as in-year equity, revenue, expense and unit activity. 

Department Expendable Report A summary level report tracking expendable balances with or without commitments and in year revenue and expense activity across all funds. This report can be pivoted by fund/department, department/fund and fund/program. 
Project Summary Report

Shows financial information (surplus/deficit, budget, revenue, expenses, commitments (encumbrances) for research projects at a high level.  Can be run by project, or by P.I.

In addition to the above 4 reports, there is an Application Info tab that will provide year to date information based upon fiscal period selected.  The user will be able to select one of the following reports and filter the results by fund, department, account, project, program, class.

A.   Operating Statement – A high level summary of budget, year to date actual, month actuals, and commitments (encumbrances) for the criteria selected

B.   Transaction Detail – Line item detail for the criteria selected

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