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Faculty & Department - Fund Stewardship Update

Queen's University is strongly committed to ensuring we handle gifts from our thoughtful and generous donors with the greatest care. One of the best ways to steward and engage our donors of Endowed and Expendable Funds, and provide the opportunity to increase our fundraising, is to demonstrate how these funds have inspired greatness and "Initiative" at Queen's.

Every year, the Stewardship Office reports to donors on the financial progress of their fund and would like to include a summary from the faculty, researchers, and staff who benefited from the funding.

Please complete the following for the 2014-15 fiscal year, which may be included in the fund report.

Fund Information
Faculty/Staff Information
If not applicable, please go to the next question for listing of programs.
Disbursement Activity
Please identify the official program, student initiative, project, lecture name and details, etc.
Fund Goals/Achievements
Once you submit this form, the Stewardship Office will reach out to the person identified.
Additional Attachments
If you would like us to include any additional materials with the fund report, please attach/upload below. (i.e. website addresses, newsletters, articles, videos, student/colleague messages)