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Due to major problems with "Adobe Flash Player", you must follow Queen's ITServices' instructions before attempting the Placement Test.

- Go to the following link :
- Click on " Critical: Check your Flash Player "
- Do "step one" to check if the latest version of Flash Player is installed on your computer.
- If the answer is : "Sorry, your computer does not have the latest Flash Player installed",   you must proceed with Step 2, and download the new version of "Adobe Flash Player".

NOTE: If you do not have the new version of Flash Player to correct the problem, you will not be able to take the Placement Test, since you will not have the sound.

Placement Test/Test de placement

To retain your place in the course for which you have or would like to register, you are required to take a placement test. This will ensure that you are registered in the appropriate French course.  Please note that you will be required to show proof of having taken the test on the first day of classes, so print the result of your test. To find the Placement Test, click on the following link, and follow instructions carefully:

This test has an audio component. To hear this component, "Adobe Flash Player" is required. Please ensure that your computer volume is not muted.

Once you are on the Moodle page,

  • At the bottom of this page if you see "You are not logged in (Login)", press on "Login" link and sign in using your NetID (first part of your Queen's e-mail address) and password.
  • When you are logged in click on “French Placement” or type "French Placement" in the "Search courses" box at the top of the page . 
  • Click on “French Placement” from the Search results.
  • Click on "French Placement Test 2015-2016". 
  • Click on the “Enrol me” button.
  • You will now be able to take the test by clicking on “French Placement Test”.

This test has 107 questions. 100 of these will be marked. 7 of these are examples and will not be marked. You have 1 hour and 1 attempt to complete the test. To have enough time to complete the test, it is important that you pace yourself accordingly. Once your hour is up, there will be no opportunity to revise or redo a question or part of the test.

* Never press on the button "Unenrol me from" the French Placement, because you will not be allowed to redo the test.

You may complete the test at any time at your convenience. However, doing the test as soon as possible will help ensure that you are registered in the appropriate course.

To finish the test: After clicking “Next” on the last question of the test, scroll down and click “Submit all and finish”. This will take you to a page that will have your name, your overall score (out of 100), and your overall feedback (See Advisor, FREN-107, FREN-118, FREN-150 or Year 2). You are required to print this page and present it to your instructor on the first day of classes. Providing this page will ensure that you are registered in the appropriate class.

If you have taken this test before registering for any French course, register for the course that the feedback recommends. Please note, “See Advisor” means to contact the Department of French Studies.

If you have taken this test after registering for a French course, and the course you have registered for is the same as the feedback has provided, stay registered in this course.

If you have taken this test after registering for a French course, and the test provides you with feedback that is different from the course for which you have already registered, drop the course, using the SWAP option on SOLUS to avoid losing your original spot you are in, and add the course from the feedback of your placement test.


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