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Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Concentrations:

How many credits do I need for a concentration in French?

Please see theFaculty of Arts and Science Calendar for a complete list of possible courses.

  • Major: Consists of 60.0 units and 54.0 elective units to total 114.0
  • Medial: Consists of 42.0 units in each of two concentrations, one of which must be in the humanities, social sciences or languages. 6.0 or 12.0 supporting units may also be required and 18.0 or 24.0 elective units to total 114.0)
  • Minor: Consists of 30.0 units and 60.0 elective units to total 90.0

Do conversational courses count towards a Minor, Medial, or Major?

Only the 2 (most advanced) courses of the 5 conversational courses count towards our program concentrations. There are 5 conversational courses in total: FREN P16, P17, 118, 219, 320. The French Minor concentration counts FREN 219 and FREN 320, and the French Medial and Major only count FREN 320 towards their concentration.

New Grading System (Letter-grade)

First-year placement test

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