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Accessibility in Mackintosh-Corry Hall


Mackintosh Corry Hall is located in from University Avenue, down a pathway that runs between Richardson and Ellis Halls.


The building is large and comprised of six wings labelled A through F. There are a number of building entrances, three of which are accessible.

Accessible Exterior Entrances

Middle building entrance adjacent to Tindall Field

The entrance adjacent to Tindall Field has a railing and a handrail. The doors have automatic openers to the D2 level.

South entrance

The building's southwest entrance is accessed by a ramp. The entrance opens onto level D1 (lower level). The door has an automatic opener.

North entrance

To access the building's north entrance proceed up the long, narrow, moderately inclined, concrete ramp next to Mackintosh-Corry Hall. The door has an automatic opener. The entrance is at the B2 level, near the International Programs Office and the food service area.

Interior Links

Interior links to Mackintosh-Corry are as follows:

Robert Sutherland Hall levels 3, 4, and 5 to Mackintosh-Corry Hall C wing, levels 3, 4 and 5. There are no automatic door openers at any of these levels.

Macdonald Hall level 3 to Mackintosh-Corry Hall B5 there is no automatic door opener.

Dunning Hall level 1 is linked to Mackintosh-Corry A3 by a very short, steep ramp with handrail. There are no automatic openers on any of the doors from Dunning Hall.

Wheelchair Lift

A one-person wheelchair lift, near the entrance from the parking lot, links the D2/E2 level with the B2 level. A number code is required to operate the lift. Students can obtain this code and user information from Health, Counselling and Disability Services. The code can also be obtained by pushing the button on the red emergency phone beside the lift.  


Two elevators service the building. They are located near the accessible exterior entrances: The elevator in B2 wing is located across from the food service area and near the washrooms. The D2 wing elevator is near the Geography general office.


Accessible washrooms are located on the B2 level across from the food services area (the men’s washroom has an automatic door opener), the D2 level near the Geography general office and D3 level (both men’s and women’s have an automatic door opener).        


Permit parking is available for the underground parking garage on Union Street west of the building and the surface lot on Albert Street. There are 3 accessible meter spots on Alfred Street at Union Street.


Check the classroom website for the accessibility of Mackintosh-Corry Hall classrooms.