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Faculty and Staff Learning Facility

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FSLF Policy for External Users

Facility Hours

The Facility is open from 8:30am - 4:30pm. Access to rooms is restricted to between these times for external users. It is not possible to arrive prior to 8:30am to set up your room. Rooms bookings can only be requested for 9:00am to 4:00pm during the regular business week.

All external FSLF bookings will require an account code which will be charged if they do not abide by the 9 – 4 arrangement. The rate is $85 per hour or part thereof for extending hours before or after the FSLF hours.

Please note that the resident unit (Cultural Studies) does not provide assistance to the training rooms or facilitators.

Whiteboard – Announcing Your Workshop or Event

The whiteboard located at the entry is there to assist attendees in locating the correct room. It is the responsibility of the facilitator to post and remove information regarding your event including the name of the room being used.

Clean Up

Rooms are to be cleaned up by the end of the booking period to allow the next user adequate preparation time.   This includes:

  • Moving any catering materials to the FSLF kitchen for caterers to pick-up.
  • Wiping down tables to remove coffee/food remnants.
  • Turning off all lights.
  • Closing the door.
  • Returning stacked tables in the seminar room to the default position (see diagram located in the room)

An account code will be charged if the Clean-Up requirements as stated above are not met. The rate is $85 per hour.


When advertising your workshop/event, you will need to indicate the location as B176 Mackintosh-Corry Hall, followed by the name of the particular room (e.g. Seminar Room).

Food and Drink

Food and drinks may be served at workshops/events.  When using the Lecture Theatre or Computer Lab, refreshment breaks can be served in the library area. Food and drinks may be served in either the Seminar Room or Board Room.

Facilitator Responsibility

Facilitators/sponsors are responsible for participants in their sessions.  You should:

  • arrive at least 15 minutes before a scheduled event to write the session information on the whiteboard; and
  • remind participants to keep their voices down in the hallways especially during breaks and when leaving the facilities.

Secondary rooms for breakout sessions may be available to avoid having discussions in the hallways. These rooms should be booked at the same time as your initial booking.

Cell Phones

Facilitators are asked to remind participants to leave the facility to use their cell phones so as not to disrupt the work of Cultural Studies who have offices in the FSLF.


NOTE: The FSLF is not responsible for lost of stolen items.