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2017 Issue 4: How we learn

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E.g., 2018-02-22
E.g., 2018-02-22
[Title graphic: The outdoor classroom, promoting the Outdoor and Experiential Education program at Queen's
[photo of Elizabeth Woods in Umm Qais in northern Jordan]
[photo of the Queen's Bands in Calgary]
[campus image]
[photo of a 1975 poster promoting a Leonard Cohen concert]
[photo of Benoit-Antoine Bacon]
[The evolution of medical education]
[photo of World Link participants]
[photo of brightly coloured houses with clotheslines in Venice]
[campus image]
[photo of Catherine Paul with a core of sand]
[photo of Sophie Fusigboye in Shanghai]
[photo of Douglas Shane and his dog]
[illustration of Sana'a Abu Eid, a researcher in the Faculty of Education]
[illustration of a bee]