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Curriculum changes reflect changing trends in student learning

The new Languages, Literatures and Cultures department (LLCU) is making some curriculum changes as part of an annual review of its overall academic program.

“We’re seeing a new trend in what students want from language studies,” says acting department head Donato Santeramo. “We recognize we live in a changing world and university curriculum needs to shift accordingly in order for us to provide strong sustainable programs for the future.”

The department is strengthening its international studies offerings next year, and integrating Arabic and Hebrew language courses that are already offered at Queen’s into the LLCU curriculum. Also a Mohawk language and culture course will be offered in Fall 2012 for the first time.

In response to dwindling enrolment over several years, the department will not offer a German language major after this year. The three students currently completing a German major will be fully supported until graduation.

In addition, the German medial and minor programs are being renamed as German Studies. These programs will allow for a broader cultural focus and the incorporation of courses from other disciplines.

“We are living in a global world,” says LLCU acting associate head Jill Scott. “In talking with students we’re hearing a greater interest in studying a broader range of languages and literatures. Students rave about the international studies courses and the world language studies minor.”

The omnibus motion for changes to the German language program, approved unanimously by faculty in German and by the LLCU curriculum committee, was brought forward by Dr. Scott and passed at Arts and Science Faculty Board last week.