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It's official: School of Religion to integrate with Queen's

Queen's School of Religion Principal Pamela Dickey Young

Queen’s University and Queen’s Theological College are reuniting after a century apart.

The reintegration was approved by the University’s Board of Trustees on September 23 and had been approved in May 2011 by the School of Religion Board of Management.

In 1912 Queen’s College (founded by the Presbyterian Church) split into Queen’s University and Queen’s Theological College so the University could receive public funding. Now the two institutions are merging, as Queen’s Theological College – called Queen’s School of Religion since 2009 – becomes part of Queen’s University once again.

“The symmetry of 100 years between separation and integration brings the School of Religion full circle,” says Queen’s Principal Daniel Woolf. “This marks the beginning of the next exciting chapter in its distinguished history as a leader of religious and theological studies in Canada. As a student I did research on the history of the former Queen’s Theological College, and thus am personally pleased to have been part of its welcome home!”

Pamela Dickey Young, Principal of the Queen’s School of Religion, embraces the move. “The reasons that sparked the separation in 1912 no longer apply. We look forward to a new stage in our life as a school where integration replaces the historic cooperation between the two institutions and where we continue to provide excellent programs in Religious Studies and Theology fully within the aegis of the University.”

The School of Religion currently provides undergraduate and graduate programs in Religious Studies to Queen’s students and it runs its own Theology programs. Under the new agreement, all programs will become part of the Faculty of Arts and Science and the School of Graduate Studies, and the faculty and staff of the School of Religion will become Queen’s employees.

The merger comes into effect on May 1, 2012.