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Title Department(s) Expertise
Joel Sokolsky Arts and Science, Political Studies, Department of, Centres and Services, Office of the VP (Research), Centre for International and Defence Policy Dr. Sokolsky has taught at the Canadian Studies Center at SAIS, Dalhousie University and Duke University. He has been a visiting Canada-US Fulbright Scholar at Bridgewater State and has served as a consultant to several government offices including the Associate Assistant Deputy Minister of National Defence (Policy) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He has been a member of the Secretariat Working Group of the NATO/Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defence Academies and Security Studies Institutes
Johnson, Anne Engineering and Applied Science, Mining, The Robert M. Buchan Department of
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Lewis Business, Smith School of Corporate Finance, Financial Asset Valuation, Financial Markets, Portfolio Strategy Development, Mutual Fund Performance
Johnston, Shawna Medicine, School of, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Department of, Urology, Department of Urogynaecology
Johnstone, Ian P Arts and Science, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Department of Nuclear structure theory, shell model techniques
Jones, Jessica Medicine, School of, Psychiatry, Department of Clinical and forensic psychology, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, sexuality, risk assessment, Asperger's Syndrome.
Jones, Mark Arts and Science, English Language and Literature, Department of British Romantic poetry, L18–E19C publicity, propaganda, and public opinion, William Cobbett, literature and economics, parody, history of literary criticism and theory, Bob Dylan
Julia Kirkham Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Medicine, Department of, Geriatric Medicine, Division of, Psychiatry, Department of Depression in older adults, non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions in long-term care, and quality improvement in mental health care.
Kahana, Tsvi Law Public law, constitutional law, legislatures and legislation.
Kamphuis, J William Engineering and Applied Science, Civil Engineering, Department of Coastal engineering, coastal erosion, coastal management, shorelines, harbours, storm surge
Kan, Frederick Medicine, School of, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Department of Reproductive biology, female reproductive tract, gametes, fertilization
Karton, Joshua Law International Arbitration, Contract Law, Transnational Commercial Law, Globalization and Law, International Legal Theory, Commercial Law
Katsabanis, Takis Engineering and Applied Science, Mining, The Robert M. Buchan Department of fragmentation, fracture propagation in rock due to blasting, blast damage, as well as explosives performance and sensitivity
Kavanagh, Bernard Arts and Science, Classics, Department of Roman history, Early Imperial Senators, Roman Gaul, Latin Epigraphy.
Kelley, Elizabeth Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, social cognition, language development, cognitive development
Kelly, Bruce Arts and Science, Drama and Music, Dan School of Oratorio and opera, voice coach
Kerr, Andrew Arts and Science, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Department of, Medicine, School of, Oncology, Department of Radiation therapy; radiation protection; medical physics: x-ray imaging; ultrasound imaging
Kerr, Lisa Law Sentencing, prison law, prison policy, punishment theory, US comparative criminal justice, and issues associated with prostitution / sex work, criminal law
Kilford, Chris Centres Turkish and Middle Eastern security issues, Civil-Mililtary relations in developing countries, Canadian foreign and defence policy
King, Samantha Arts and Science, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Department of, Kinesiology and Health Studies, School of Sociological Studies of Sport, Health, the Body, Media Studies, Feminist, Queer and Race Theory, The Politics of Breast Cancer, Painkilling in Contemporary Culture, Consumer-oriented breast cancer philanthropy, Representations of HIV/AIDS, and the Relationship between queer athletes, commercial sport culture and militarization
King, Will Medicine, School of, Public Health Sciences, Department of The objective of his research program is to identify modifiable risk factors for cancer, with an ultimate goal of disease prevention at a population level. His research projects utilize intermediate markers of cancer risk and markers of genetic susceptibility to investigate environment-cancer relationships - including studies of environmental factors in relation to DNA methylation, DNA adducts and telomere length. Exposures of interest include disinfection by-products, meat derived carcinogens, UV radiation and physical activity
Kirby, John Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of, Education, Health Sciences, Neuroscience Studies, Centre for Psychology of Education, Cognitive processes in reading, Learning disabilities, Spatial cognition
Kisilevsky, Robert Medicine, School of, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Department of relationship of amyloid and glycosaminoglycous to Alzheimer's disease,inflammation and serum amyloid A role in chloresterol transport; Amyloid; Atherosclerosis
Klinger, Don Education Large-scale educational testing; school accountability; school improvement; student achievement; education program evaluation; psychometrics and policy issues of large-scale assessments
Knapper, Christopher Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of, Education Improvement of teaching and learning in universities and colleges, including teaching methods, assessing students work, curriculum development, and quality assurance.
Knox, V Jane Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of Attitudes toward and stereotypes of older people; perceptions of psychopathology and its treatment in older adults; adult development and aging.
Knutsen, Erik Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Law Insurance law, Torts, Accident law, Civil litigation and civil procedure, Medical malpractice
Knutsen, Wenjue Business, Smith School of, Policy Studies, School of Non-profit organizations. voluntary organizations, non-profit and government relationship, philanthropy.
Kobayashi, Audrey Arts and Science, Geography and Planning, Department of Immigration, human rights, disability and access, racism, gender, Japanese Canadians
Koeppl, Thorsten Arts and Science, Economics, Department of Macroeconomics; Financial Market Infrastructure; Financial Economics
Kolsarici, Ceren Business, Smith School of Marketing communications, consumer response, advertising campaigns, price promotions, brands, social media, new product introduction, box office success of blockbuster movies, pharmaceutical marketing
Kontopoulou, Marianna Engineering and Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, Department of Conductive polymer composites, Renewable-source based and biodegradable polymer blends and composites, Multiphase polymers and foams, Polyolefin-Based Nanocomposites, Polymer Processing and Additive Manufacturing, Thermoplastic Olefin Blends and Thermoplastic Vulcanizates
Korczynski, Alana Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Department of Biomedical and molecular sciences
Korey Pasch Arts and Science, Political Studies, Department of Insurance, Reinsurance, Securities, Catastrophe Bonds, Natural Disasters, investing, financial markets
Koschinsky, Marlys Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Department of atherosclerosis, cholesterol management, coronary heart disease, risk factors for coronary heart disease; factors affecting the efficiency of blood clot breakdown; genetic engineering, molecular biology, protein discovery
Krstic, Vladimir Engineering and Applied Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Department of Processing, microstructure mechanical properties of ceramics and particulate composites, High electrical and thermal conductivity ceramics for solid oxide fuel cells, Single layer capacitors for high frequency microwave applications, Electrostrictive ceramics and lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, Ceramic thin films
Krupa, Terry Rehabilitation Therapy, School of Individuals with mental illness living in the community, employment and mental health, community economic development
Kueper, Bernard Engineering and Applied Science, Civil Engineering, Department of Subsurface behaviour and remediation of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) such as chlorinated solvents, coal tar, creosote, PCB oils and gasoline in both unconsolidated deposits such as sands and gravels, as well as fractured clay and rock
Kukreja, Reena Arts and Science, Gender Studies, Department of, Global Development Studies
Kutsyuruba, Benjamin Education Educational Leadership, Educational Policy, Mentorship, Trust, Moral Agency, and Ethical Decision Making in Education, Organizational/School Culture and Climate, Educational Change and Reforms, Legal Issues in Education, International Education
Kwasniewska, Ewelina Arts and Science, Drama and Music, Dan School of Vocal music
Kyser, Kurtis Arts and Science, Environmental Studies, School of, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Department of Exploration geochemistry, geosphere-biosphere interface, isotope tracing, ore deposits, geochemistry, geology
LaBarge, Monica Business, Smith School of Social and ethical issues in marketing; consumer responses to marketing campaigns by governments, NGOs and non-profits; charitable giving and volunteering; intersection between public policy and marketing
Lafreniere, Melissa Arts and Science, Geography and Planning, Department of Watershed biogeochemistry, Hydrology, Permafrost Hydrology, Dissolved Organic Matter, water quality, Alpine hydrology.
Lahey, Kathleen Gender Studies, Department of, Law Taxation, Tax Policy, Property Law, Gender and Equality, Law and Sexuality
Lake, Kayll Arts and Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Department of, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Department of General relativity, relativistic astrophysics, computer algebra and symbolic computation, Maple V, Mathematica, Macsyma, Black holes and the evolution of the Universe
Lamoureux, Scott Arts and Science, Geography and Planning, Department of Climatology, paleoclimatology, geomorphology, sedimentology, hydrology, limnology, Arctic surface waters and landscape, permafrost, International Polar Year
Lamp, Nicolas Law International contract law, Trade law, NAFTA, WTO, International Trade Law, International Lawmaking Processes, International Legal Theory 
Lang, Eugene Business, Smith School of, Policy Studies, School of Canada in Afghanistan