Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Summer Camp!

At Explore, you will find enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who are looking forward to starting your camper's summer off with a ton of excitement, creativity and fun! At Explore, we maintain a camper to instructor ratio of 7:1. Together we will engage in exciting experiments, travel all over the world to learn about different cultures and people, meet new friends, play games, spend time exploring the outdoors, do arts and crafts and most importantly—have an AMAZING SUMMER EXPERIENCE!!

To sign-up for Explore Camp, you can drop off a complete registration form to the Queen's University Department of Geography and Planning, Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Rm. D201 or you can mail it to 68 University Avenue, Kingston ON K7L 3N6.

Online Registration



Junior Campers with their colourful crafts

Explore Juniors have the chance to see the worlds like never before! Each week there will be a unique program where we explore different themes ranging from Canada, to natural disasters, to oceans and space! Our learning sessions at camp are based on the Ontario Curriculum so campers will be learning while having fun!

Each week, we go to the Queen's pool and the Splash Pad at City Park. We also feature a field trip every week so your campers gets the most out of their camp experience!

This interactive, hands-on camps is an adventure you don't want to miss!




Journey to the centre of the Earth
Explore Jr: July 10th-14th
Shake, rumble, and whirl!  What goes on beneath the ground, and how are natural disasters formed? This week, we explore everything from volcanoes to tornados, while also turning an eye downwards as we learn about the Earth and rocks below our feet.

Clip art picture of a cloud with lightning, rain drops, and snow drops


Planes, trains, and automobiles
Jr: July 17th-21st

With so many amazing things around the world, we had better find a way to see them all!  This week is all about transportation; from snowmobiles to cruise ships we will explore all of the most stylish ways to get around, and see if you have what it takes to be a good traveler.  Pack your suitcases - this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Photo of train on tracks with overhead wires and blue sky


Commotion in the ocean
Explore Jr: July 31st-August 4th
Clown fish, dolphins, and sharks, oh my! Let’s dive deep into the blue waters of our Earth to look at the colourful, cool, and sometimes scary sea creatures that inhabit it! Explorers will also take steps to learn how to keep this planet as healthy as possible for the amazing animals who live here with us.

Cartoonish image of coral under the sea


This land of ours
Explore Jr: Aug 8th-11th *four day

Maple leaves, beavers, and blizzards; there are so many things that make our country unique. What makes it special to you? From the Rockies of the west, to fishing in the east, there are so many eh!-mazing things to see here! Oh, Canada!
Picture of Canadian Flag on flag-pole with blue sky and clouds background


Over the moon
Explore Jr: Aug 21st-25th

Reach for the stars! The hot sun, black holes and far-away planets; space has mysteries that even scientists have yet to solve. What is out there and why does it matter to us? We will talk about how the sun changes the seasons and how tides are controlled by the moon! Come explore one of the most fascinating parts of our planet, and beyond. This week will be out of this world!

Photo of space and moon with mountains below


EXPLORE SENIOR (ages 9-13)

Senior campers running a water experiment

Explore Senior is awesome for campers who want to be outdoors, doing exciting experiments, meeting new friends, and participating in our own version of The Amazing Race: Explore Edition! Campers will have a chance to use GPS units to race through Queen's campus and find the marked waypoints to receive clues! With team-oriented activities and challenges, everyday is an adventure as we learn about geography and the diverse world we live in!

Each week, we go to the Queen's pool and the Splash Pad at City Park. We also feature a field trip every week so your campers gets the most out of their camp experience!


Photo of small, round compass
Into the woods
Explore Sr: July 24th-28th

Think you’ve got what it takes to navigate using a compass? Or build structures from limited supplies? This week, we’re going old school by using GPSs to explore our community. From the soil to the sun, learn how natural resources are useful to surviving in nature!


Cartoonish drawing of a Passport book
Let's go global
Explore Sr: Aug 14th-18th

It’s time to leave our backyards and go international.  Pack your passports, as we explore the countries that make our planet. This week, explorers will discover the histories, cultures and celebrations that create our Earth.



Bursary Program


We want all children to have the chance to participate in our program, regardless of circumstances, so Explore offers financial assistance towards the cost of camp for families who cannot afford to pay for part of the camp fees. Please download the Explore Camp Bursary Application (pdf, 467kB) and send it in with your Explore Camp Registration Form (pdf, 127kB). If you have any questions regarding the bursary program, please contact Kathy Hoover at or 613-533-6000 ext. 77214. Every child should have the chance to participate, let us help to make that happen.