Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Explore Staff

Hello everyone! Jess is back this summer but in a new position as our camp Director and Liv is back as our Assistant Counselor and Supplies Coordinator.  We have three new staff this year - Graeme, our Workshops and Special Needs Coordinator, Michael, our Media and Field Trips Coordinator, and Mitch, our Promotions and Fundraising Coordinator.  We are all excited to see what summer 2017 brings!

Jess - Director

Jess is a caring and resourceful ConEd student who is thrilled to be spending her second summer at Explore.  Arts and crafts are her specialty, but her impersonations and camp song knowledge are a close second.  Jess is looking forward to bringing her kind and imaginative spirit to the team this summer!

Favourite Food: Quiche and lasagna

Favourite Place Visited: Paris

Dream Job: French immersion Teacher & Bakery Owner


Liv - Assistant Counselor and Supplies Coordinator

Liv is a fun loving ConEd student who can't wait for her second summer at Explore!  Liv is a ball of energy with a contagious laugh, but is also incredibly supportive of her volunteer team, campers, and the rest of the Explore team.  With her crazy Just Dance skills, there will surely be more dance-offs this summer.  Watch out for her on the splash pad, because she is sneaky with a bucket of water!

Favourite Food: Chicken fingers

Favourite Place Visited: Guatemala

Dream Job: Developing women's education in third world countries


Graeme - Workshops and Special Needs Coordinator

Graeme is an energetic and passionate Political Studies student who is thrilled to be working his first summer with Explore.  His lively spirit and acting experiences will bring a whole new level of playfulness to our camp.  Outside of work, he loves to play baseball, go canoeing, and bike in beautiful weather.  He's taking a break from the mountains out West, and spending his first summer in Kingston with the Explore team!

Favourite food: Yellow Curry

Favourite place visited: Vienna

Dream job: Minister of Foreign Affairs


Michael - Media and Field Trips Coordinator

Michael is a hard-working and energetic ConEd student who is ready for adventure at Explore this summer!  When indoors, Michael likes to read, write, and craft; he is our go-to teammate for all things building-related! Outside, Michael loves to run around and play just like a camper.  He can't wait to bring his inventive and exploratory personality to camp this year!


​Favourite food: Steak and soft-boiled eggs

Favourite place visited: Montreal

Dream job: Teaching chemistry at his old high school and Writer

Mitch - Promotions and Fundraising Coordinator

Mitch is an outgoing and energetic third-year chemistry student who is ready to spend his summer outdoors at Explore this year!  He loves to spend time under the sun being active and playing sports, especially golf and rowing.  His high-energy spirit and his ability to make others laugh will certainly make him popular among campers!  Mitch is so looking forward to camp swim days and field games this summer.

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite place visited: Mexico

Dream job: Entrepreneur/Business Owner