Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers BA and BSc degree options. Both these options can be done as a Major, a Medial, or a Minor. Students can also do a 3-year general BA or BSc degree. They can also complete a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at the same time as completing their degree requirements.

Major (Arts) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours):

GPHY-M-BAH (pdf, 17kB)

Major (Science) - Bachelor of Science (Honours) - after May 1, 2016:

GPHY-M-BSH - after May 1, 2016 (pdf, 21kB)

Major (Science) - Bachelor of Science (Honours) - before May 1, 2016:

GPHY-M-BSH - before May 1, 2016 (pdf, 21kB)

Medial (Arts) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours):

GPHY[----]-A or [----]GPHY-A  (where [----] is second subject of study) (pdf, 15kB)

Minor (Arts):

GPHY-Y (pdf, 14kB)

Minor (Science):

GPHY-Z (pdf, 16kB)

General (Arts) - Bachelor of Arts:

GPHY-G-BA (pdf, 14kB)

General (Science) - Bachelor of Science:

GPHY-G-BSc (pdf, 16kB)

Combined Degrees

Another exciting option for students is the combined degree program. This program is intended to help outstanding geography students who want a fast-track professional degree in urban and regional planning. The combined degree program makes it possible for geography students to finish their BA / B.Sc. and MPL. degrees in less time than it would take to pursue the degrees independently.

Geography and city planning are related fields. Geographers often consider the spatial implications of urban and regional issues and have a special focus on place. It is quite natural, therefore, to consider the integration of the two related fields. Today urban and regional planning is a broad field and people with different backgrounds are needed for the different work that is done by planners. The multi-disciplinary dimensions of urban planning provide students with a breadth of options to pursue in their studies. For more information on this program, contact Dr. Beverley Mullings at or Dr. Leela Viswanathan at

Students interested in this program should visit the Geography page on the Faculty of Arts and Science website.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science

Program Assessment Form for this Option (pdf, 13kB)

In addition to completing a degree, students also have the option of simultaneously completing a Certificate in Geographic Information Science. This option is available to all Queen’s University undergraduate students regardless of their degree concentration, and is intended for those who wish to enhance their undergraduate degree with a Geographic Information Science Certificate.

For details on the requirements of the Certificate in Geographic Information Science, please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science website.

The Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of a degree program at Queen’s University. Students must pass all 30.0 units relating to the Certificate with a minimum GPA of 1.9.