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work safe alert pictureSafety is a top priority for the Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering.  All faculty, staff and students must make themselves aware of the various policies associated with field work and work on campus, both for the department and Queen's.


Field Safety

All faculty, staff and students involved in field work are required to read the Field Safety Policy. Furthermore, a set of outlining details of the field work, and the safety precautions taken, must be filed each year with the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering by each instructor in charge of field work.

The Queen's University Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy [OCASP] came into effect on 01 September 2004 The Policy applies to all Faculty, Staff, and Students undertaking Off-Campus Activities that are sanctioned by the University The Policy also applies to all unpaid Volunteers who are taking part in University-sanctioned Off-Campus Activities Non university persons who are taking part in an Activity in any paid capacity are to be treated as Faculty/Staff under The Policy Information and PDF files can be found her

Queen's Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy

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