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Transformational Gift from Alumni

Thank you to Queen’s University alumni Gordon, Sc’79 and Katherine Keep Arts‘81, for donating a new suite of microscopes to the department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. Gord and Katherine have donated 30 binocular and 30 reflecting and transmitting light microscopes. Two classrooms have been renovated to house the new microscopes and will be used to accommodate two students to a microscope. This is truly a transformative gift for the Department which will have a great impact and enrich students’ experience for years to come.

This donation will permit the department to re-introduce ore related microscopy into the 4th year class.

In addition, this gift marks one of the largest donations ever to the department.

“Mineralogy is essential to furthering our understanding of earth systems and to applying to exploration, mining and remediation of ore deposits, microstructural/geomechanical and environmental studies. The optical microscopes (reflected and transmitted light) will allow for training of undergraduate and graduate students in optical identification of the various minerals and in determination of their textural and microstructural relationships. The microscopes will be used in second, third and fourth year mineralogy, petrology, structural geology and advanced petrology and metallogeny courses, in engineering design projects and honours theses, as well as in graduate courses in applied mineralogy and ore deposits. These microscopes were in much need to complement our teaching laboratories and provide the important skills to our geologist and geological engineering students.” Dr. Gema Olivo

Speaking about the old microscopes, Dr. Ron Peterson notes, “Every graduate has used these microscopes in at least 3 of their undergraduate courses and often more. The number of microscopes decreases each year as we cannibalize the worst microscopes for parts to keep the others functioning. Of the microscopes that are still working, the bearings on the stage are worn so that the stage wobbles, and the objective turrets don’t lock, so the field of view drifts.”

Thank you to Gord and Katherine for their generosity and for a truly transformational gift.

View the video thanking Gord and Katherine for their donation.

Students using the new micrscopes