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Named TAship

Donate now to Geology - Queen's University

Goal - $200,000 per annum 

The Named TAship program is based on annual donations of $5000, or more, typically pledged for at least three years.

Queen’s provides funding for teaching assistants, based on a relatively high ratio of students to instructors, which we are supplementing with this fund. We need approximately 40 sponsors per year, for the current complement of about 90+ undergraduate students in each year of the program, to ensure a high-quality learning environment in our laboratories, field trips and field schools. The fund benefits the students who work as Teaching Assistants, and the students being taught.                               

At this time:

Each $5000 donation adds two graduate or four undergraduate students to the teaching team.

The current level of funding is $90,000 per year (45% of our target of $200,000).

The following Named TAship donors are gratefully acknowledged:

Corporate Donors:

Arc Resources

Beach Meadows Resources

BGC Engineering
Endeavour Silver
Klohn Crippen Berger
Thurber Engineering Ltd.













Individual Donors:

Bill Pearson (for GEOL courses)

Class of ’04 - Rick Wasfy & Katie Anne MacInnis

Class of ’95

Gord Keep & Katherine Keep

Greg Heath

Roger & Lorna Smith

Wayne Foo & Lynne Marshall