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photo of D ArchibaldDouglas Archibald

Office:  Bruce Wing B432
Phone: 613-533-6768


Dr. Doug Archibald runs the Ar-Ar Laboratory housed in Bruce Wing of Miller Hall (B434) and has a long-standing interest in applying geochronology and thermochronology to problems in the general fields of regional tectonics and ore deposits.

For many years, he has taught Geological Field Methods (GEOE/GEOL 221), been involved in the Geological Field School (GEOE/GEOL 300) held in the eastern townships of Quebec, and supervised or co-supervised B.Sc. theses (GEOL543) and 4th-year geological engineering design projects (GEOE 446/447).

Research Interests/Current Research

Research interests include the application of Ar-Ar geochronology to problems in regional tectonics, Precambrian geology and ore deposit geology. Current research is focussed on the tectonothermal history of the Kootenay Arc in SE British Columbia.


- Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Queen's University, 1983:

Geochronology and tectonic implications of magmatism and metamorphism, southern Kootenay Arc and neighbouring regions, southeastern British Columbia.

- M.Sc., Geological Sciences, Queen's University, 1975:

The K-Ar geochronology of the Bay of Islands Complex, western Newfoundland.

- B.Sc., Geology, University of Toronto, 1971


Co-winner of the Hawley Medal (2003), Mineralogical Association of Canada, for best paper in Canadian Mineralogist (2002)

Refereed Publications from Selected Collaborative Studies

Kontak, D.J., Horne,R.J, Creaser, R.A., Petrus,J.A., and Archibald, D.A. (2013, In press) A petrological and geochronological study of a 360 Ma metallogenetic event in Maritime Canada with implications for lithophile-metal mineralization in the Canadian Appalachians. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, MS#2013-0019.

Cubley, J.F., Pattison, D.R.M., Archibald, D.A., and Jolivet, M. (2013)  Thermochronological constraints on the Eocene exhumation of the Grand Forks complex, British Columbia, based on 40Ar/39Ar and apatite fission track geochronology. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 50, p. 576-598.

Cheilletz, A., Gasquet,  D., Filali, F., Archibald, D.A. and Nespolo, M (2010) A Late Triassic 40Ar/39Ar Age for the El Hammam high-REE fluorite deposit (Morocco): Mineralisation related to the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province?  Mineralium Deposita, 45, p.323-329.

Warren, I, Archibald, D.A., and, Simmons, S.F. (2008) Geochronology of epithermal Au-Ag mineralization, magmatic-hydrothermal alteration, and supergene weathering in the El Peñón district, northern Chile, Econ. Geol., 103#4, p. 118-124.

Grammatikopoulos, T.A., Clark, A.H., and Archibald, D.A. (2007) Petrogenesis of the Leo Lake and Lyndhurst plutons, Frontenac terrane, Central Metasedimentary Belt, SE Ontario, Canada.  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 44, p. 107-126.

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