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Dr. Braun Presenting during Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week, taking place from September 21 to 25, 2015 is a "...coast to coast celebration encompassing over 100 such institutions from nearly 50 cities. It is a forum for all these great organizations to showcase the amazing work they do year round.  Whether it’s in highlighting great books, hands on demonstrations, talks by great scientists or so much more, my hope is that you’ll learn a lot and have a great time in the process."

On Thursday, September 24, 2015  11 a.m. - noon Dr. Alexander Braun will be speaking at the Speaker's Corner in Stauffer Library.

Dr. Braun will be presenting on  "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Just Toys or Science Tools?"

A leading UAV manufacturer currently sells more than 30,000 UAVs per month, and the numbers are still rising. One may think that this is a strong indication for UAVs mostly being toys to take pretty pictures from previously hard to reach perspectives. Nevertheless, a few of those UAVs end up in research labs where they are modified and equipped with scientific sensors. Does this make them science tools? Yes, and this talk will present a number of case studies which showcase the intrinsic advantages UAVs can provide to the scientific community. Case studies will include UAV magnetometry, generation of 3-D surface models, cadastral mapping, and solar cell efficiency.

There is also a magnetometer demo in Douglas Library and a GPR demo outside all week.

Further information is available on the library website.