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Dr. Guy Narbonne Receives E.R.Ward Neale Medal from GAC

Congratulations to Dr. Guy Narbonne who has been awarded the E.R.Ward Neale Medal from the Geological Association of Canada (GAC). He is receiving this award in recognition of his research and public outreach.

Dr. Narbonne comments, "“I feel tremendously honoured to be recognized by the Association with this award,” says Dr. Narbonne. “Just as the research isn’t done until you’ve written the publication, the research also isn’t done until you’ve told all the stakeholders what they got out of it. We went from almost no one having ever heard of Mistaken Point, to paleontologists around the world knowing about it, to designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a stamp issued by Canada Post to celebrate this UNESCO designation. This shows the kind of level of recognition that we’re getting by conducting rigorous research, sharing it with the public and showing why it matters.”

The medal will be presented to Dr. Narbonne at the GAC-MAC annual conference, taking place May 15-17 in Kingston.  As part of this event, Dr. Narbonne will present a one-hour public lecture on “Celebrating geoheritage:  Canada’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mistaken Point, NL” in Biosciences Auditorium (Earl Hall) on Wednesday, May 17 from 1-2 pm.

Read more about Dr. Narbonne's award in the Queen's Gazette.

Congratulations Dr. Narbonne!