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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

All / Winter / Summer Courses for 2016-17


F - Fall; W - Winter; S - Summer; OD - On Demand
- Offered; NO - Not Offered; SL - Sabbatical Leave; ML - Maternity Leave; PL - Parental Leave

Draft - Subject to Change (Updated: Jan 3, 2017)

NOTE: Most of the graduate courses are offered every 2nd year, which should be considered when planning a graduate program. On Demand (OD) courses will only be offered when there is sufficient student demand expressed (4 or more students). Graduate courses which will not be offered on the normal schedule, due to faculty member's leaves (SL and PL), are noted.

NOTE: Two modules are required to make up GEOL 841 or 851


1 - South West US
2 - Directed studies, topic to be determined between student and professor.
3 - See list of Modules
4 - Will be taught if there is sufficient interest
5 - Can also be taken as GEOL 811
6 - Can also be taken as GEOL 804 or 805