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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Anezka Borcinova

Kaj Sullivan

Geological Sciences/Ph.D.

Office: Miller Hall B420
Thesis Topic:

Copper, iron, and zinc stable isotopes in serum as biological markers for Alzheimer’s disease

Supervisor:  Dr. Kurt Kyser

Research Interests

Isotope geochemistry, medical isotope metallomics, geosphere-biosphere interactions

Brief Biography

Kaj received his B.Sc. (Honours) in Geological Sciences in 2015 from Queen’s University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Dr. Kurt Kyser. Kaj is broadly interested in applications of isotope geochemistry, but his current research focuses on (1) refining sampling protocols for isotopic studies involving humans, (2) quantifying normal daily variations in the isotopic composition of Cu, Fe, and Zn in human serum, and (3) determining whether Cu, Fe, and Zn isotopes can be used as biological markers of Alzheimer’s disease. In Kaj’s spare time, he teaches and plays the highland bagpipes with the Rob Roy Pipe Band of Kingston, Ontario.

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