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Marina R Joury


Office: Miller Hall 203
Thesis Topic: Aeolian Carbonates and the Offshore Environment – South Australia
Supervisor: Dr. Noel P. James

Research Interests

Carbonate sedimentology, benthic biology, geochemistry, modern environments, paleontology, ichnology, marine biology

Brief Biography 

Completed a BSc. Honours at Memorial University of Newfoundland (2012) in Earth Sciences and Marine Biology.  Completed honours thesis with Dr. Duncan McIlroy and Dr. Suzanne Dufour on a native Newfoundland sea cucumber and how it effects the texture and chemistry of the seafloor

Currently working on identifying the components and composition of modern aeolian carbonate dunes south of Adelaide SA, and their relationship to the offshore carbonate environment.

Work experience includes gold exploration, working with live sea creatures in laboratories, internships/contracts for oil and gas companies, teaching scuba diving, coral transplanting, water sampling and testing for the South Australian government.


2015-2016      Marie Mottashed Graduate Scholarship (25,000)

2012              AUGC Best Overall Research Award – for Honours Thesis (1,000)    

2012              RDC Ocean Industries Student Research Award (7,000)                       

2010-2012      Dean’s List, Memorial University’s Faculty of Science     

2010-2012      Canadian Mineral Industry Education Foundation Scholarship (tuition for every academic semester due to maintenance of high academic standing)   


Joury, Marina. "Influence of Native Newfoundland Sea Cucumber Cucumaria frondosa on Sediment Mineralogy and Texture. " Atlantic Geology vol 48 (2012): p128.

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