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Named TA Award Winners Fall 2018

Congratulations to all Named TA Award Winners, Fall 2018! Named TAship awards recognize a TA that has gone above and beyond in the classroom, lab, or in the field!

Recipient Award
Justine Abraham Thurber Engineering TA Award
Danielle Beaulne Klohn Crippen Berger TA Award
Eric Chevrier Greg Heath TA Award
Isobel Crawford Wayne Foo and Lynne Marshall TA Award
Kelsey Grimes Gord and Katherine Keep TA Award
Nicole Heikoop Dr. William Pearson TA Award

Siobhan Keane

Endeavour Silver TA Award

Malcolm MacDougall Beach Meadows Resources TA Award
Connor Meeks Class of ‘04 TA Award
Taylor Morrell Roger and Lorna Smith TA Award
Liam Price Hemmera TA Award
Will Sanna Gorman Teaching Assistant Excellence Award
Mitchell Wooton BGC Engineering TA Award

Congratulations all!