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GEOL 802 Video

This year's group from GEOL 802 have now returned from their trip that toured through Chile and Bolivia.

Highlights of the trip included mines, volcanoes, salars, altiplanos, flamingos, hot springs, geysers, porphyries, foreland thrusts, more mines, lava flows, ignimbrites, copper, zinc, silver and tin minerals, llamas, more volcanoes and so much more.

Check out the video for some amazing shots from the trip.

Dr. Peter Roeder

Peter L. Roeder died on June 7, 2014 in Kingston, Ontario Canada near Queen’s University where he spent most of his career. Peter Roeder was admired as a role model for many students and colleagues, and as a teacher of geochemistry, igneous petrology, and optical mineralogy. As a researcher, Peter was best known for his work in experimental petrology. Peter’s seminal work on olivine-liquid equilibria published in 1970 [1] was a culmination of his previous work in simpler iron-bearing systems.