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Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoc research interests span a wide range of topics.

Go to the Queen's University Post-Doctoral Fellows Association.

Name Telephone/Email Supervisor

Dr. Bryn E. Kimball
Wm E. White Postdoctoral Fellow

(613) 533-6169

Dr. H. Jamieson

Dr. Sandeep Banerjee

(613) 533-2183

Dr. T.K. Kyser

Dr. Steve Beyer

(613) 533-6185

Dr. T.K. Kyser

Dr. Andrew Gault

(613) 533-6182

Dr. H.E. Jamieson

Dr. Dave Gauthier


(613) 533-3241

Dr. M. Diederichs
Dr. D. Jean Hutchinson

Dr. Urmi Raye

(613) 533-2183

Dr. T. K. Kyser

Dr. Estelle Ricard

(613) 533-2599

Dr. T.K. Kyser
Dr. N.P. James