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Edward (Ted) Matheson

M.Sc Geological Sciences

Office: Miller 226
Supervisors: Dr. Noel James & Dr. Bob Dalrymple
Thesis Topic: Physically Structured Carbonates in the Mississippian of the Rocky Mountain Front Ranges, Alberta, Canada

Research Interests

Silliciclastic and carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy, diagenesis, isotope geochemistry, oceanography, paleogeography, paleoclimatology, and petroleum geology.

Brief Biography

Ted grew up in Mississauga, Ontario before choosing to attend Queen’s for his undergraduate degree (H. B.Sc Geological Sciences 2012). He completed an honours thesis on data from the Ontario Geological Survey’s Ambient Groundwater project, which focused on the hydrogeology (with a strong GIS component), aqueous geochemistry and isotope geochemistry of the shallow bedrock aquifer of the Niagara Peninsula. Through undergrad Ted gained summer experience with the Ontario Geological Survey working on the Ambient Groundwater and Lake Sediment and Water Survey projects. He was chosen as the Queen’s SIFT (Student Industry Field Trip) representative by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists in 2011. During the summer of 2012 Ted worked on a comprehensive study, evaluation, and documentation of a regional hydrocarbon play for Imperial Oil in Calgary, Alberta. In the winter of 2013 he was a teaching fellow, coteaching the second year course GEOL/E 238 (Surficial Processes, Sedimentation and Stratigraphy).


Matheson, E.J. 2012. Analysis of the Anomalous Groundwater Geochemistry of the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada [honours thesis]. Kingston, Ontario: Queen's University.

Matheson, E.J. 2012. Origin of the Anomalous Groundwater Geochemistry of the Niagara Peninsula. Advances in Earth Sciences Research Conference, Kingston, Ontario.

Hamilton, S.M., Matheson, E.J., Freckelton, C.N. and Burke, H. 2011. Ambient groundwater geochemistry project: South Central Ontario; in Summary of Field Work and Other Activities 2011, Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report.

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