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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Jessica Pickett

M.Sc Economic Geology Candidate

Office: Miller 218
Thesis Topic: Novel Method Development for Separation of <0.063 mm fraction of Heavy Indicator Minerals from Cu-Ni-PGE Till
Supervisor: Daniel Layton-Matthews, Beth McClenaghan (GSC)

Research Interests

Heavy mineral concentrate (hydro)separation

Exploration geochemistry

PGM/PGE rich till deposits

Brief Biography

BScH Geology, 2013 at Queen’s University: Completed an honours thesis with Dr. Doug Archibald on the characterization and 40Ar/39Ar dating of hornblende from the Nelson Plutonic Suite, Kootenay Arc, SE BC.

Worked under Dr. Doug Archibald as a SWEP undergraduate student during the summer of 2012 on 40Ar/39Ar dating of hornblende and mica to classify the thermal cooling history of different rock sequences.

Began an MSc with Dr. Daniel Layton-Matthews in the fall of 2013, studying the method development and separation techniques for heavy mineral concentrates (HMC) in the <0.063 mm size fraction, from glacial till.


Teaching Assistant Award 2014

Society of Economic Geologists Canada Foundation Student Research Grant 2013