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Lindsay Waffle

M.Sc Structural Geology

Office: Miller 325
Thesis Topic: Effects of basement highs on orogen-parallel strain partitioning: A case study of the Faizabad ridge in Northern India using centrifuge analogue modelling.
Supervisor Dr. Laurent Godin and Lyal Harris (INRS)

Research Interests

Structural geology, centrifuge analogue modelling, strain partitioning in orogenic belts, microstructures.

Brief Biography

BScH Environmental Geology, 2012 at Queen’s University: Completed an honours thesis with Dr. Ron Peterson and Dr. Kurt Kyser on the mineralogy and environmental impact of abandoned feldspar mines in the Kingston area.

Worked under Dr. Laurent Godin with an Undergraduate Student Research Assistant grant from NSERC during the summer of 2012 to classify the rheological properties of modelling materials under low strain rates.

Began an MSc with Dr. Godin in the fall of 2012 modelling basement highs in northern India and their potential interaction with the Himalayan orogenic belt.


Conference Presentations

Waffle, L., Godin, L., Harris, L.B.  October 2012.  “Effects of basement highs on orogen-parallel strain partitioning: A case study of the Faizabad ridge in Northern India using centrifuge analogue modelling.”  Poster presentation; Canadian Tectonics Group Fall Meeting, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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