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Two Grad Students Receive SEG Research Grants

Congratulations to Gustavo Oliveira and Neil Fernandes, who both received individual research grant awards from the Society of Economic Geologists for 2015-2016. These research grants are awarded on a yearly basis subject to a global competition which received 147 applications this year, of which 57 were selected to receive funding. Further Details are available on the SEG website.

These awards are from the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF) fund which "supports research by Canadian or non-Canadian students on mineral deposits or districts in Canada, non-Canadian projects at Canadian universities, non-Canadian students studying at Canadian universities, or Canadian students doing research at universities outside of Canada”.

Gustavo was awarded US$ 4,000 for his MAG project titled 'Geochemistry and paragenesis of the Vazante Group carbonates, Brazil: Fluid-rock interaction and Zn mineralization during basin evolution’, under the supervision of Dr. Gema Olivo.

Neil was awarded US$3,800 for his PhD project titled 'Metal- and organic-rich horizons in Proterozoic, siliciclastic rocks of the Vazante mining district, Brazil: Metal sources for sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposits’, also under the supervision of Dr. Gema Olivo.

Congratulations Gustavo and Neil!